Join the WCAA in the Young Professional Initiative

Photo via  Icons8

Photo via Icons8

WCAA is committed to bringing young professionals into our fold. Learn how you can help us reach out to the youth in your community and ensure our industry continues on!

Why?  To re invigorate the profession

How?  Call an area school and ask to present

Tools?  Yes, a plethora of tools and a power point is available to members that decide to take the task on

Time?  A bit of an investment, but the rewards will be great

I followed my own advice and called up and area college, Manchester Community Tech, that had an interior design program.  The ask…interns.  Wow what an amazing experience from that simple ask.  

I received two interns that worked with me in the workroom part time and each was paired with one of my designers. The interns got to see both sides of the projects!   Each designer had a fabrication project coming to me.  

The interns went on the job site with the designer and then returned to the work room, helped to write up a work order and then assisted in the fabrication of the window treatments for that job.  How cool!  

They then went on the installations.  A job from start to finish, now that is what we want young professionals to have knowledge of prior to getting into the field.

Loads of time was also spent talking about business, vision boards and goal setting for the year.  They watched me estimate, work my quick books magic and helped to answer emails to clients.  

What did I get out of this?  Pure joy!  I was rejuvenated and they freed up time to work on other things in the business.  

I recommend this experience to all our WCAA members.  Remember our industry is beginning to retire out, we need to mold new individuals to replace us.  The need for custom treatments will always exist, we want the industry standards for fabrication to carry on.


About the Author

Julie A. Wood is the owner of The Leading Edge Drapery, LLC. She holds certifications with WFCP and is a Window Treatment Professional through CHF Academy. Julie also teaches a "Soft Furnishings" course at New Hampshire Institute of Art. She resides with her husband and son in Derry, NH.

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