Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a membership cost?

  • $180.00 - 2019 National Membership (Expires December 31, 2019)

  • *($165 National Dues + $15.00 - one time administrative fee*, *one time fee as long as your dues stay current)

  • Chapter dues vary by chapter

When I join WCAA, am I automatically enrolled in my local chapter (or vice versa)?
No, you will also need to join your local chapter to gain full access to professional development and networking opportunities in your geographic area. To join a chapter, contact the leadership of the local chapter you would like to join. For a complete listing of our chapters nationwide, click on our Chapters page.

Once I join, when will I receive my new member kit?
First, you will receive an email with important information. Your membership package will be mailed to you within four weeks of joining the WCAA.


What is the renewal deadline for current members?
Membership in the WCAA is on a calendar year basis and runs through December 31st. Renewal notices are sent in early November and must be paid by January 31st to remain current. Members not paid by midnight on January 31 will be lapsed. 

Help, I'm not listed in the "Find A Professional" Directory. 
Please login to your account to add or update your professional listing. Click here for more detailed instructions.

If I have employees, can they attend meetings? Do they have to pay national/local dues?
One of your employees is eligible for the benefits of your membership and may attend meetings and events at the member cost. Special events or activities may require a per person charge.

If I join the WCCA partway through the year, do I still need to pay full price?
New members qualify for a prorated membership fee based on where their membership falls in the calendar year.